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This franchise film is an action-adventure tale written by Sheldon Lettich, (Only The Strong, Double Impact), Boaz Yakin (The Rookie, Fresh) and Rebecca Morrison.

Jean-Claude Van Damme stars as a young playboy in the 1920s Paris who is forced to join the French Foreign Legion to save his life after an affair with a mob moll. Fighting valiantly for the Legion in North Africa, he learns the value of honor, bravery, and discipline.

He survives and returns to Paris to seek revenge and save his former lover.

Peter MacDonald (Rambo III, Mo' Money, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) directs.'s Review of the film:

Exiled to a video-only release when its distributor balked after the flop of Jean-Claude's previous film, Knock Off, this lavish adventure deserved a chance at theatrical success. Action icon Van Damme recasts himself as a tragic romantic hero in this entertaining old-fashioned adventure with a modern sensibility. The Muscles From Brussels is no Brando, but he acquits himself nicely as a cocky boxer who double-crosses a Marseilles mobster and joins the French Foreign Legion when his half-baked plan backfires with tragic consequences. Surrounded by a better than usual cast, Van Damme's performance sometimes gets lost in the colorful characters around him. But that's okay--there's adventure enough to go around and he's willing to share it. The Marseilles scenes evoke quaint movie past with their smoky bars and shadowy streets, but the film is reborn as an ambitious, stoic platoon drama in the sands of French Morocco. Leionnaire marches to its own macho course, reveling in testosterone-driven heroics and bonding-under-fire while acknowledging the irony of its colonial mission. It's a calculated risk for Van Damme who also co-wrote and co-produced, but if Legionnnaire never quite grasps the epic scope it's reaching for, it remains one of his best films, a handsome, exciting and surprisingly grim desert adventure.

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With eighteen movies released since 1985, Jean-Claude Van Damme has reached a "celebrity status" among his fans.

As a child, Jean-Claude studied Shotokan Karate and Ballet and soon became an expert at both. Using this combination of skills, Jean-Claude executes his martial art "moves" with great skill and excellence.

Jean-Claude grew up with a dream. A dream that one day would make him one of the world's top "action" film stars.

I hope to one day meet Mr. Van Damme.

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